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55 minute sessions are $130 (tax included)
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80 minute sessions are $170 (tax included)
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Please book a free ½ hour initial consult or call Elaine directly at #778-859-1246. This ½ hour gives us an opportunity to meet one another and determine whether we will work well together towards achieving your goals for therapy.

Current research demonstrates that it is the client’s perception of the quality of relationship (connection, trust and alliance) they have with their counsellor that determines how successfully preferred change may be achieved. I am more than willing to offer referrals to other, potentially more suitable, counsellors. Therapy is a journey of courage. Working with someone you trust, and experience a solid alliance with, is key to positive outcomes.

I offer scaled fees (discounts) for individuals who cannot afford my regular counselling rates. If you’re seeking to engage in a therapeutic process, but are worried about the affordability of such, please contact me for further information. If I am unable to accommodate you (due to overflow of scaled fee clients or a full practice/waitlist), I will furnish other affordable practitioners and/or resource options.

There are important differences between Counselling and Coaching. Please view the Coaching/Counselling page for further information.



Coaching sessions happen via telephone or video conferencing (through Skype, AnyMeeting or Gchat), or as otherwise arranged. This offers you maximum flexibility for your schedule. You can receive your service from anywhere in the world.
The Straightforward Method:
  • Individual Coaching Sessions—Pay as you book, one hour in length.
  • $130 per session  (tax included)

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The Monthly Package:

  • Month by Month coaching – 4 one-hour sessions per month, conducted on a weekly basis, with email support available between coaching appointments.
  • $500 per month (tax included) $20 discount

The Bi-Monthly Package:

  • Two coaching sessions per month.
  • $250 per month (tax included) $10 discount

The Life Changer:

  • Three months of weekly one-hour coaching sessions.
  • This option offers optimum results as the benefits of coaching increase across time. A successful coaching experience depends upon long-term engagement, a solid coaching relationship and consistent connection to your Change process. Ongoing email connection and support.
  • $1400 (tax included) SAVE $160!

The Flex Pass:

  • 24 individual one-hour coaching sessions—use them up over six months (4 sessions per month), or one full year (two sessions per month). Email connection and support included.
  • $2900 total (tax included) SAVE $220!


I facilitate workshops and trainings to community agencies, companies, and other organizations seeking further development in the areas of:

  • Stress management/”chaos reduction”
  • Team and leadership enhancement
  • “Bullying” in the Workplace
  • Addiction and harm reduction
  • Communication and relationship skill development
  • Collaborative practices of support and solidarity
  • Mindfulness-based living skills (meditation, breath work)


Shouldering up counsellors, community workers and professional teams in their efforts to be of maximum service to their clients, while maintaining their own personal well being, is a professional priority for me. Isolation erodes our sustainability and effectiveness as helping people. If you, or a group you are a member of, are in need of collaborative and respectful solidarity, and/or collaborative clinical supervision, please contact me at your convenience.
Free 1/2 Hour Consult

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  • “When I first started working with Elaine, I was in full burn-out and completely losing it at work, on the road and in my personal life. Now, I’m in a totally different career (one that I always thought would be fun, but not pay – I was wrong, it already pays better than my high-end stress monkey job AND work actually CAN be fun). I now have time to enjoy all the things I’d forgotten I liked to do. My coaching with Elaine keeps me accountable and on track. Elaine is able to cut to the chase with humour and provides me with insight and a lot of motivation to keep reaching towards the Me I’m committed to becoming.”

  • “Through the last year of coaching sessions with Elaine I’ve been able to completely re-design my life in all areas. When we started, I was stuck in a dead-end job, a dead relationship, and had no idea of how to find a way out. I was experiencing so much anxiety that I was hardly able to focus on even getting through the day. I am in such a different place now. I’ve started my own business and it’s already more than supporting my new lifestyle. I’m happily energized and feeling better than I have since my early 20’s! My relationships are on completely different footings and I’m dating someone who treats me with kindness and respect. The coaching work I’ve done with Elaine is the best investment I’ve made in the last ten years.”

    Siobhan R.
  • “I was nervous to attend my first session. I had never spoken to anyone about intimacy, let along my anxiety surrounding it. Elaine made me feel comfortable and validated right from my first visit. Our sessions flowed naturally and she created a warm and open environment. I still use the tools and techniques she taught me. I will always be grateful for the help and guidance she provided.”

  • “Elaine’s guidance and support played a huge part in helping me through a very dark period in my life. When we first met I had all but given up hope of ever being able to overcome the challenges I was facing and function “normally” again. I felt broken, worthless, and had totally lost my confidence.

    I was quite skeptical… but right from the start Elaine put me at ease by treating me with complete respect and giving me options on how we could approach the issues that were causing me so much difficulty. During our time together we always worked as a team and through the ups and downs of the healing process, she was constant in her encouragement of me to keep an open mind and believe in myself. Gradually I came to see that my issues did not define me as a person and it was this self-acceptance that made me feel able to take ownership of my life again.

    Elaine is a professional, knowledgeable, dedicated practitioner and as her client I always felt safe and in good hands. As a person she is warm, kind, and has a great sense of humour — all of which make her a pleasure to work with. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me and feel very proud of what we have achieved together!”

    Angela M.
  • “When I was directed to Elaine for life coaching I seriously questioned, and even scoffed at, why anyone would need or want a “life coach”. Eight months and sixteen coaching sessions later, I’m convinced my decision to work with Elaine has changed my life permanently for the better. Through the assessment process to building a step-by-step plan, using the tools and skills Elaine has taught me, I am living my life from a place of joy and I’m excited about what’s coming. Life satisfaction is invaluable. Having Elaine in my corner has truly made all the difference.”

    Scott M.